Believers bible church missions

Dr. Andrew & Mrs.  lori spurgeon

Andrew & Lori live in Singapore, Asia. They invest in the church worldwide by training men and women for ministry. Andrew teaches New Testament subjects at Singapore Bible College; Lori teaches English to non-native English speakers at East Asia School of Theology and works as the Associate Registrar. They also teach and minister in neighboring countries including India, Nepal, Myanmar, and the Philippines. Andrew writes commentaries and articles for Asian readers. He’s the Chairman of Publications for Asia Theological Association, a theological accrediting agency in Asia. They have three adult sons who live in the United States.

GODTEL Ministries is a private, non-profit, religious organization that is committed to sharing the love of God in a practical way. GODTEL houses the homeless, feeds the hungry, provides clothing and household items as available and needed. They also offer spiritual guidance and counseling to help meet the deep inner need of the people God sends. GODTEL publishes a monthly newsletter, which is sent to those people who have shown an interest in this ministry. 

GODTEL News is supported through Christian advertising. If you would like to help support GODTEL by advertising in the newsletter, please contact the Nacogdoches office so that they may be able to accommodate you. If you would like to know more about GODTEL Ministries and its various programs as well as volunteer opportunities, please write or call.

love in the name of christ

Love INC's mission is to serve as an extension of the church, to mobilize largely untapped church volunteers into a local service network.

Love INC is a clearinghouse ministry enabling church volunteers, as part of their own congregations, to be put in touch with local people with needs. It provides no direct services and does not duplicate or compete with any existing helping agencies.

Love INC operates as a strategy to involve local church members in the process of helping the disadvantaged – especially children at risk and their families.

the SIMONs

Psalm 96:3 - Declare His glory among the nations, His marvelous deeds among the peoples. The Simon family currently minister in Europe, but periodically join other workers around Europe and the Middle-East in ministering to refugees. 

The refugees come from many nations, primarily from Muslim background. Most are fleeing wars, persecution and economic crises in their homelands in the desperate attempt to find peace and a better life in the West.'

the cherrys

Dana, Debbie, Danielle and David Cherry serve with Greater Europe Mission to make disciples of Christ in Germany and around Europe.

Dana is a native Texan born at Baylor in Dallas and Debbie grew up in New Jersey. They both felt called to serve the Lord at a young age and met each other while training for ministry at Philadelphia Biblical University. After they were married they attended Dallas Theological Seminary and served as youth leaders in the Dallas area. They have served as missionaries with Greater Europe mission for 25 years first in Greece and now in Germany. Their life calling is to make disciples of Christ who can make disciples. Their ministry focus is on Biblical training, spiritual growth, discipleship and helping new international missionaries join in the work and function well as a team to reach the nations for Christ.

The Cherry family is excited to partner with Believers Bible Church in reaching the nations for Christ and would appreciate your prayers! 

The Cherries can be reached at

The gideons


The Gideons International (“Gideons”) was founded in 1899 and serves as an extended missionary arm of the church. It is the oldest association of Christian business and professional men in the United States of America.

With the emergence of more than 2,000,000 readers in the world each week, there is now an unprecedented need for reading material. This offers a challenge, and an opportunity, for Christians to fill the void by making available God’s Word. That is a primary function of The Gideons—placing and distributing Bibles and New Testaments in the human traffic lanes and streams of life.

Being laymen, Gideons serve as “missionaries” of the local church—seeking to go to the far corners of the world to win others for Christ.